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Become a Certified Meeting Designer (CMD)

Learn to increase the effectiveness of your meetings by aligning the design with the objectives, learning new tools, techniques and formats and measuring results.

The main cornerstone of the Certified Meeting Designer programme is the Meeting Architecture Process (MAPTM) - a practical methodology to design and assess objective-based meetings and events.

At this immersive three-day training you will learn a step-by-step process to support identify objectives, design the meeting and assess impact. You will not only learn a methodology to help you design an objective-based meeting, but you will also get hands-on with the latest innovations and a comprehensive Meeting Design Toolbox so you can easily select the best tools, techniques and formats to reach the objectives of your meetings and events and assess the results.

The programme addresses Meeting Design fundamentals such as meeting formats, group techniques, ROI, interaction, hybrid meetings, session improvement and more.

                                                   Meeting Architecture Graph which includes the areas covered during the 3-day training 

Meeting Design Institute founded in 2006, provides consulting services, develops educational and training programmes for meeting professionals, venues, and Convention Bureaus. Since 2012 we organise a conference on Meeting Design - the FRESH Conference - publish books, articles and videos on Meeting Design.

    five-day training in Colombia, Belgium and USA
    two-day training in South Africa and Austria;
    one-day training and workshops in the USA, Germany, Spain, Belgium, UK, Brazil

The Meeting Design Institute is a CMP Preferred Provider recognised by EIC.
We work for organisations, associations and large global brands.

OUR DNA - the Meeting Design Institute culture and training programmes
It is practical and applicable, not just a complicated theory or time-consuming methodology.
It is easy, down to earth, not just executive speak.
It is operational and drives on a can-do spirit.
It thrives on “tiny changes, remarkable results”.* 
It business-oriented and allows for safe, nonintimidating changes so you will get the meeting owner’s support.

*CLEAR, JAMES. Atomic Habits. London: Penguin Random House, 2018.


International speaker, Meeting Design trainer, entrepreneur and author of the “Meeting Architecture - a manifesto” and other books on meeting design. He is the mastermind of the original meeting design process based on his manifesto from 2008. Widely published in media, MPI and CMP, etc. and as one of the leading voices in the industry Maarten Vanneste, CMM is an inspirational trainer with four decades of experience in and stories on designing better meetings.
He is a recipient of the MPI Rise Award for Industry Leadership.

This training and certification will help you on the path towards professionalism in designing effective meetings. It will make you part of you a great international network of like-minded people. You will receive several books, documents and templates to continue to learn and to apply the methodology, principles and techniques to design better meetings.

 The training is organised by:


Start: 3 June 2020
End: 5 June 2020
Meeting Design Institute

Turnhout, Belgium

2300 Turnhout Flanders