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The programme is composed of six modules of three hours each. It will be a rapid-fire of short presentations intertwined with group conversations, casework and other activities. The online activities are complemented with documents, literature, templates, and a whole toolbox full of smart and up to date tools and techniques. After the training the participants can follow an optional certification process.
The curriculum is divided into six consecutive modules that you can use for all your future projects:

MODULE 1 | INTRODUCTION: Going online and the stakeholders, teams and tasks 
We will have an introduction to and an overview of the building block like formats, platform, content design, speaker management, equipment and more. There is a  set of seven stakeholders from organiser to participants, and all of them need some input on what and how.

MODULE 2 | FORMATS: Online, Multi-Hub and Hybrid meeting formats
This step will present the basic elements of online and hybrid meeting formats. What are the different requirements for onsite and online audiences? How to keep the participants involved? How to set up a Multi-Hub Meeting? We will analyse a series of cases from a few hours meeting, to two-day conferences.

MODULE 3 |TECHNICAL: Audio-Visual, equipment, room set-up, and more

You can share better experiences and best practices with participants when you understand more about lights, microphone and loudspeakers. Basic things that can improve the entire experience without a big effort. Also, where you sit (or stand?) and how you best set-up a room for Multi-hub meetings. A few fundamentals and ways to avoid classic traps in the internet connection all help. Think about props, what can you use (visual and sound-wise) to entertain and make it more dynamic?

MODULE  4 | TECHNOLOGY - platforms, settings, security, online engagement tools
Different objectives require different solutions. How to select the most suitable technology platforms and tools? We will explore and demonstrate the different platforms and solutions to help you easily select the most suitable technology for your meeting objectives.

MODULE 5 | CONTENT DESIGN: online programme, engagement scripts, sessions, activities
The design of the programme can influence the level of engagement of participants. We will look at different examples of programme scripts and learn how to develop a script to improve the online experiences of participants and speakers. We will explore different techniques and tools that will create variation in sessions and allow participants to be actively involved in conversations and enhance their learning experience.

MODULE 6 | SPEAKERS AND PRESENTATIONS: speakers, panels, facilitators and moderators, presentation style, C&I, and more
How can you support your speakers and help them to design more interactive sessions? It is essential to learn how to support your speakers and create easy guidelines to help them to produce more engaging sessions and presentations. We will show some tools and tips that you can share with your speakers regarding session design and presentations.

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