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Sabine Bonora
Head of International Conference Management
MED-EL, Austria

I am really happy we can learn all these tips, techniques and formats to improve our future online meetings. My whole team is really appreciating the online training with you.

Chrissy Gow
Director of Content Marketing 
EventMobi, Canada

This course not only offers valuable insight into how to adapt in-person meeting design formats and techniques for online events, but gives practical step-by-step information on the technical requirements for video streaming and how to best leverage the engagement features on platforms like Zoom.

Raffaella Donadio
Scientific Affairs Manager
ESA, Belgium

When the pandemic started, I realised that my “toolbox” was empty! Nothing I have made for the last 20 years could help me. I wanted to understand how to translate an event in a successful, professional, exciting, online event. The course and the exchange with peers was a great opportunity to learn and feel ready for the new challenges.

Tirzah Webb
European Events Lead
Mundipharma, United Kingdom

Eventprofs should do this training if they want to learn the possibilities of creating many onsite event experiences online.  I'm now convinced that online meetings are a way to replace onsite events for the time being and enhance onsite events in the future.  This course has equipped me with the knowledge and resources to convince my colleagues of this and to create high quality, professional, interactive online meetings.  It has renewed my enthusiasm and feeling usefulness as an event management professional during this unprecedented time.

Brenda DiVincenzo
VP of Member Success
IPI - Member Network

The course was wonderful and incredibly helpful. Many of the exercises timed exactly with what I was working on for my own virtual conference – time zoning, Zoom set up, speaker best practices, etc. I loved the format of the training and look forward to future courses with you! 

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